Friday, May 25, 2007

Yesterday we took out our pool for the first time. I knew Kylie loved it because it is our pool from last year and both girls have been in it, Ella just doesn't remember. Kylie loves water, but Ella is my water baby. She is the one who stands right next to the sprinkler letting it get her in the face, and already takes showers instead of baths sometimes. She loved the pool! I did, however, find the most difficult task when it comes to doing stuff with the girls around, that would be filling up the pool. Somehow we did make it the whole morning without getting wet. It was VERY HARD!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kylie is a pretty athletic child, she is coordinated and has great balance. Today, I found out that Ella is pretty athletic as well. She has learned how to climb up the slide all by herself, well with a little coaching from Kylie. This morning she was only halfway up, but one try this afternoon without shoes on and she was up. Some of you

might not think that climbing up a slide is not a big deal, but Ella is only 18 months old and can do it with ease, I know some 2, 3, and 4 year old who can't do it. I am proud!! The only bad thing is that it is just one more thing that she can do that will give her poor Nana a heart attack, Sorry mom!

OK, in the picture you can see Ella is holding a Precious Moments garden statue. Well, for my birthday last year, Karls family got me these two cute garden statues. Ella LOVES them. she walks around and swings and everything with them. It was cute at first, but now it is driving us crazy. We can't be outside without having them and giving them kisses. If she cant have them, she cries and it is all over. They are no longer garden statues as much as back yard statues. We had to move them out of the garden because we couldn't get ella away from the garden and it is on the side of the house so I could never see everyone at once.

Sprinkler time again. On last Monday it was like 87 degrees and since my children DO NOT SWEAT, how weird is that, they were getting over heated and crabby, yet didn't want to go inside so we pulled out the sprinkler. The girls loved it. Kylie of course didn't like it too much when the water got in her face, but Ella on the other hand was standing over the sprinkler getting water straight in the face. It was really funny.

So the backyard patios are finished. I think for my first time, I did an ok job. I loved it up until I had to chisle the bricks to cut them. I would have much rather rented a saw to cut them, but it was a little expensive. Anyways, it makes our backyard look a lot better. I finished it on Mother's Day, yes that is what I did on my Mother's Day, but I loved every minute of it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ok so here is one of my many backyard projects!!! I am very proud of it, but I also wanted to tell a little story about Kylie my little helper. Of course I have no pictures

of her helping because I was by myself, but she actually helped. It was during nap time and everyone was sleeping but Kylie, surprise surprise, I was working on the patio and she was playing. She asked if she could help. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to let her because the bricks are pretty heavy. Well she got on her work gloves and took the bricks out one by one from the garage, which really helped. She was so proud of herself, she was just working and singing the whole time, she is definitly my little helper. Ella on the other hand is not a little helper, she is the complete opposite. Don't get me wrong, she loves to help, but it just isn't help, maybe in time.


As you can see Noah is already getting into the dress up with the wizard hat, it is really funny!

Kylie is at it again, worms. I have started a new project in my backyard, laying pavers to extend out patio, and Kylie was in worm heaven. She kept them in a sand bucket full of dirt for a few days, until they died. She loves worms and snakes, she is just lucky I am her mother because I don't mind them either. Nana on the other hand wants NOTHING to do with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

just some cute pictures of Noah!

Is this Kylie or Ella??????????????

Here are some pictures of the girls swinging, Kylie is a wiz, she flies, sometimes so high the swing bounces. It is a little scary!!! Ella on the other hand has moved out of the baby swing and is now loving the big girl swing. They are growing up so fast, first I sign Kylie up for Preschool, next, Ella is in the big girl swing, this stinks, where did my babies go???????

This is Kylie's new full time job, butterfly catching! The poor little things, Kylie is getting really close to catching them. I do think that it is a fun little game for the butterflies, they see to tease her by flying just out of reach, and they always come back, no matter how close Kylie gets. The butterflies are either having fun or not too smart, I'm betting on not too smart!

just playing around!!!!!!!

Well, papa came in for the weekend, and the girls had a blast. I am sure that papa is very tired since the girls had him dancing and playing from the time they woke up until the minute they went to bed. Here are some pictures of all of them dancing to a little Steve Miller Band, it was classic. They were doing the boodie slap,one arm out, marching, the tummy rub and the cheek slap dance, fun stuff!!!!