Thursday, April 26, 2007

The girls playing together, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella wanted to ride the rocking thing and jump on the trampoline at the same time!!

Ok, everyday that goes by makes me so happy that Kylie was my first child. Kylie was and still is very neat and clean, just like her dad. Ella on the other hand is pigpen!!!! If Ella was my first child I would be broke due to the fact that I would be spending all of the money I have on buying new clothes. Pretty much every outfit Ella wears has stains on them. Ones I cannot get out unles I soak the clothes in strong bleach water. Here is a little look into a day outside with Ella. We were playing in the water table the other day, when Ella saw something dripping. well then she had to lay on the ground in the middle of a mud puddle to see where it was coming from. After laying in the mud about 4 times she looked like this.........................
Sorry about the sideways picture, I really don't know how to fix that once I put it on the blog....

These pictures show just how much Kylie, Ella, and Noah love each other. Kylie of course is my little helper, I know I have said this before, but I keep waiting for this to wear off, because it seems to good to be true what a great helper she is, but it never does. Everyday she wants to hold Noah and feed him, it is great.

Then there is Ella, no doubt that she loves him, she just thinks he is her doll. Noah doesn't mind, because he is always happy, and Ella doesn't hurt him, she just kisses and hugs, and uses him as a pillow. It is very funny!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Here are Ella and Daddy, as usual,

Ella is being a little stinker making the sad face as daddy kisses her.

Well this weekend was absolutely wonderful. We spent most of it outside. We have started getting our yard ready for the summer, we went to the zoo, and we played in the sprinkler for a little. It was 80 + in the sun. In the pictures, you might think that Ella didn't like the sprinkler by the look on her face, but she loved it. I just thought it was funny how she would make that face and then turn around and go right back into the sprinkler two seconds later. Kylie loved it as well, as long as her face didn't get wet, and as everyone knows it is really hard not to get your face wet in the sprinkler.

This was crazy hair in the tubby day, both girls couldn't get enough of the crazy hair, and they made scary smiley faces to go right along with the hair.

This was last week, on Wed. the 11th. Notice that the kids are all wearing their winter coats. Grant it winter coats were a little too warm, but it was only 50 degrees. I really have learned to hate Chicago weather, 50 one day and 80 the next, it is crazy!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

OK, this picture needs some

explaining. This morning of course the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs. Well of course, we have to play Easter Bunny about 500 times there after. Well, Kylie was the Easter Bunny this time, and as you can tell she put a lot of thought into it. It was tricky, I don't know how I found them all. There were about 30 eggs, most of which were in my boots!!!!

We went to a friends birthday party on Saturday and the girls were dressed alike and looking so cute. I actually tamed Ella's hair for once and got a clip in it when she was playing in the water so she didn't notice and left it in. I wanted a cute pictue of then, but this is what I had to go through. Ella is a stinker, and when I finally get Ella to look, Kylie is being silly. FINALLY I got a pretty good one! They are both cheeseballs!!!!

Nana had a great idea to have the girls make and decorate cookies in the shape of easter eggs. They had a great time, but the most fun was tasting it. Ella's cookie as you can see is the one with the finger lines in it, that frosting was so good. Kylie got the concept of decorating it, she just didn't know when to stop.

Kylie's famous line is...."One for me, one for the cookie/cake." This like actually started in Michigan when Kylie and grandma were decorating an Easter cake, sorry no pictures of that due to the forgetfulnes of Kylie's mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is pretty much what Kylie does while we are in Michigan, RUN and RUN and RUN!!!! This could be why we are all still recuperating from the trip even though we have been back for like 4 days. The kids tire both themselves and us out!!! It is great!
Here is Maize getting some loving!!! You will not see Duke in any pictures, because all he likes to do when we are in Michigan is play fetch. Maize however is the lazy dog and refuses to run more then once. She is a good dog though, she is happy just prancing around getting loving from whoever will touch her!

Here is Papa in his glory, so we think, with all of his grandkids. Ella was being a stinker and not looking at the camera, Kylie on the other hand had no problem smiling for the camera. I must thank Jill for the pictures since I forgot my camera and copied these from her blog. Thanks Jill!!!!!!!

Here are all of the grandkids on the Frixen side, Kylie, Ella and Lonnie. This was the first time Karl met his nephew Lonnie, it was really exciting. Lonnie is about 5 months old and is almost as big as Ella. It was so much fun to get together and play.

We went to Michigan for 5 days to visit Karl's family. It was a lot of fun!!!! Here are some pictures of Kylie frogging in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard. This was a big trip to Michigan, we all went, dogs included, and it was the first time we went and the dogs didn't get sick!!!!! So we were able to enjoy it more. Usually we are worried the whole time about the dogs getting sick because of nerves or whatever, but this trip was great! Hopefully it is the beginning of a new thing and we won't dread bringing them with us.