Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sorry there are no new pictures, I just thought I would write a little update on how we have been. Well since it has been so cold, it started off in negative degrees today, we have been inside a lot besides walking Kylie to and from school. We have been doing a lot of puzzles artwork, and just plain running throug the house.

Nothing is really new with us, Ella is doing great being potty trained, hasn't had an accident in like 3 weeks, not even at night. She is now in a big girl bed, the bottom bunk, which is a challenge. once she is asleep she is fine for the night, but it is getting to sleep that she has a problem with so if anyone has any suggestions we are open for them. We are trying what the supper nanny recommends, but it is not working too well. Lets see....Karl's basketball team is doing pretty good, 7 and 3 in the conference they have won a couple of big games as of late we will see what happens with that. I am HUGE and counting down the days until this baby comes, still have 3 months. we are trying to get the baby room ready, it is a slow and steady process. Oh and Kylie has now lost 2 teeth and is already getting her big teeth in, it is crazy because she is not even 5 yet.

Other then that all is pretty quiet here. hope everyone is doing well. I hope to get the camera out soon to post some more.
Love to all