Thursday, March 27, 2008

Family update/Easter

Ella opening all of her Easter Eggs
Noah enjoying a popsicle after Easter Dinner, he ate the whole thing
Noah andKylie wrestling on the floor
They love to wrestle, and Noah has no trouble keeping up with the girls
This happens every time someone is on the floor, Kylie loves every minute of it

Here is the baby room, this was my time spent when Karl took the girls to Michigan for 4 days
Ella finding Easter eggs
Kylie and Ella finding Easter eggs
Cheese!!! Our baskets are full
Kylie was more into the candy and Ella loved all the money, that quickly changed as the day went on and both girls were REALLY into all the candy

Well I see that I have been slacking on my blog posting. Sorry, it has been busy and I have just been TIRED. Anyway, update on the family.....

Karl is done with basketball, they did really good, ended in 3rd place. Went 2 rounds in the conference tourney and then lost by 2 points. The championship game was a blowout, by like 20 so if curf would have won the 2 point game they would have probably won the whole tourney since the team they lost to by 2 won the whole thing.

Ella's foot if fabulous, no problems at all, well the only problem is to try to get her to slow down a little, I have to just come to the realization that that will never happen, she is CRAZY!!

Kylie LOVES school, she is on spring break right now and all she wants to know is when she is going to school again. She is a great helper as usual, but both her and Ella are ready for me to not be pregnant anymore. This pregnancy has been long and is taking its toll on EVERYONE, good thing there are only 4 weeks left.

Me, well I am huge, tired, uncomfortable and I have gestational diebetes. I know it is all worth it, but it is really tough right now especially since I have a cold and am getting even less sleep then a normal 8 month pregnant women would be getting. Yes I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I cant wait and wouldn't change anything for the world.

All of the pictures are from Easter day, except the one of the baby's room. Karl took the girls to Michigan for 5 days and left me home to relax and get things done. my dr did not want me to go so I stayed home. It was nice, although I was bored after 2 days. I needed my babies, all 3 of them. I did get A LOT done that wouldn't have gotten done if they were home. I got the baby room done, and cleaned a lot. I also got to sleep in and be by myself a little which was great.

That is about all from here, hopefully I will be posting pictures of the new little guy soon. Hope all is well with everyone.