Sunday, November 1, 2009

this was the pumpkin kylie made for her pumpkin contest at school, I think she did a great job, she painted it herself, all i did was put in the arms and legs.

here are the halloween pictures, the girls and gavin had a blast. Kylie was a fairy, Ella was snow white and Gavin was a skeleton. Lots of candy, not a lot of tears(surprise surprise)a good time was had by all!!!!

well here are some pics from erins wedding, it went really well and the kids did great. these pictures were from inside the limo, more pictures of the wedding will come when we get the real photographers pics. There is also a pic of the cake i made for her minus the cake toppers.

Friday, September 18, 2009

it was also my sisters wedding shower, and I made her cake, it turned out pretty good. It is my practice cake for her wedding, i am making that too

we did a fire and whenever we do the girls hate when the smoke is in their eyes so this time they were smart, ella came out with these goggles on and Kylie got her swim goggles, they worked well, pretty smart kids if i must say so myself

Gavin and Papa were buddies, Gavin doesn't even snuggle with mommy or daddy like this

Papa giving out horsey back rides

lets see, school started for Kylie, she loves it big first grader with a desk text books and tests, crazy how quickly they grow up.

Papa came to visit and yet again we went to the zoo. We all had fun. we went in Tropic World Asia and everyone loved it of course, especially Gavin. It is really fun to go with the girls, but it is amazing to watch Gavin who is really seeing these animals up close for the first time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So here is our summer so far. parks and pool that is what my kids want all day long. we had 1 week of straight 90 + degrees and the kids swam from 830am until about 5pm everyday, we all had a great time. this week it has been chilly so no swimming but hopefully the heat will find us again soon and the kids will be happy. Nothing new here just hangin out with the family enjoying the summer. Hope everyone is doing well
for some reason I couldn't type anymore under those pictures? oh well

Today I was cleaning and the girls said they wanted to help and wash the floors and windows, well Iwasn't going to deny them that experience so, after we picked up the house, and yes Ella actually helped pick things up, she cleaned the whole toy room herself. For those of you who don't know Ella NEVER cleans and if she does, it is because we have had an hour long struggle of her being too tired and spending some time in her room first. anyways, they did a fabulous job all my floors are washed and so are my windows. I knew Karl wouldn't believe me that ella was cleaning so I had to take pictures.

so today th

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

so here are some pictures of the girls in their gymnastics show for the year. It was really cute. Kylie has been in gymnastics for about 2 years and is doing really well, she is very strong and very good at it. Ella just started Feb. I think and is doing well also. She is more of the girly girl so far, but it getting a lot stronger. she loves it. I will try to update more on the rest of the family later during nap time. Hope all is well

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Gavin carrying his blanket

Ella and momma planting
Noah and Aunt renee planting

Well, lets see what is new with us, Kylie graduates from KG on Thursday the 21st and then I have a big 1st grader...CRAZY!!!! She is still doing gymnastics and is great at it. her and another little girl have a little solo thing in the gym show which is in a few weeks but it is all a surprise.
Gavin is my smart little boy, he is 1 and knows so much, I know every mom thinks their kid is super smart, but I am actually impressed with this, I don't remember the girls doing this..... I will say lets take a tubby and he walks to the bathroom, I say lets change your diaper and he walks to his room where the diapers are, and I say do you want some milk and he goes to the kitchen by the fridge. If Karl or I don't follow him he turns around and points to where he is going and yells at us, it is funny. The other day I gave him his milk before bed and usually we have milk brush teeth and then bed, well I neglected to brush his teeth and I just put him to bed. Well, 5 minutes later he was crying something fierce so Karl went in to rock him. Karl picked him up and Gavin kept tapping Karls mouth and pointing to the door. Well when Karl found out I didn't brush his teeth, he did it and put gavin back to bed and he went to sleep peacfully, it was too funny. Other then that Gavin is a little boy through and through, he can climb to the top of our swing set, which is about as tall as my shoulders, he climbs on EVERYTHING and not happy to say he is a little bully. He bites, pinches, hits,etc. we are working on this really hard.

Lets see that leaves Ella, well she is my little performer, she sings to everyone on the phone. and does not like when people sing with her, she likes to be the star and have everyone watch her. She constantly asks if she is getting bigger, she wants to go to school, which she will next year if there is room for 3 year olds. We will not know until the end of the summer about that though. She loves all of her sisters friends, and for the most part they are nice to her, but she is the little sister and you all know how that goes. Other then that we are just waiting for the weather to get warm enough to swim, that is all she wants right now.

Karl and I are good, just hangin in there loving our family. Hope everyone is doing well and hope to see you all soon
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