Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We had a dr. appt. yesterday for Ella and the Doctor said she is doing great, she is average for her height, but she dropped in her weight. Then the doctor asked if she was active. Well I always thought that Kylie was an active child, but not compared to Ella. Some of these pictures are a little old, but I just wanted to see what I am dealing with in the activity level with Ella. She likes to climb, and is VERY proud of herself when she does it. Right now, she has learned to climb onto chairs, not to sit, but to stand. She also climbs and stands on the toy box and the slide. When she is at the top of these things she smiles with her cheesie smile and says "Ta Da!!!" I am just happy that I am not a very nervous parent and this is ok as long as I am about an arms length away from her. I am, however, getting really good at diving across the living room to catch her when she does fall or walk off the end of the toy box. She is a crazy girl!!!!!!!!

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