Thursday, July 26, 2007

well, we have been up to a lot in the past month. Sorry it has been so long since I posted pictures, it has been crazy. Everyone is doing well, the girls are enjoying every minute of the summer, Karl is doing well at work, he has only had kids like 3 times this summer. I am recuperating from having two wisdom teeth pulled this past Saturday, I am sore but getting better by the day, thanks to Ibuprofen, it is my best friend right now.

The girls are in swim lessons, and there are a ton of pictures of Ella, since she is in the tot class, they pretty much get to do what they want. It is mainly to get them used to the water. Kylie is also in it, but it is hard to get pictures of her because I am usually chasing Ella making sure she doesn't sneak into the pool, which she has almost done MANY times. Swim lessons have been great for both girls, Kylie is a little fish, but is scared of the boy teachers. Ella on the other hand LOVES the boy teachers, and she has pretty good taste if you ask me. Kylie however has swam with the boy teachers after seeing her fearless sister do it. Next week is the last week of swim lessons, it will be sad, but nice to be able to be home every morning. Oh I am supposed to tell everyone that Kylie jumped off of the diving board yesterday by herself, again no pictures because Ella was wanting to go into the 12 feet of water, she is crazy.

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