Monday, June 30, 2008

Smiley guy
Kylie and Ella stop and pose for the camera while swimming in the hot tub at papa's
Papa and his grandkids swimming in the hot tub
Lonnie checking the temperature of the water
say cheese everyone!

Well, we are back into the groove of things after our trip to Michigan. We had a fabulous time visiting with everyone. The girls had a blast playing with everyone and tiring them all out. I know the girls REALLY LOVED the time spent there because I can't even count how many times Kylie has asked me if we can drive to Michigan today. Today she wanted me to drive her to Michigan so that she can go to the park with Papa, I wasn't invited, just her and papa.
Karl is still off of work, this whole week then he goes back until August when he has 3 weeks off, it is nice. Other then that nothing new here, we can't wait to see everyone again when they come here for Gavin's Baptism.

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