Thursday, July 8, 2010

THEY ARE HERE.....My sister had the twins, Anabel and Jaden. They are healthy beautiful babies and they are loved by all. It was a long wait, but Anabel and Jaden arrived on June 19th Anabel was 6lbs 5oz and Jaden was 6lbs 8oz both 20inches long. Good size twins, but they are tiny to me since my last was 8lbs 8oz. Noah is happy most of the time and adjusting as well as a 3 year old having twin brother and sister would, but everything is fine. Erin is doing well, tired Im sure but she is doing a great job.

As for us, just hanging out swimming most of the time this summer. we were all in my sister in laws wedding a couple of weeks ago, it was fun and everyone did great, even gavin.

We don't have much planned for the rest of the summer except a trip to great america, just rest and relaxation until school starts, ella will be in preschool this year, she is super excited and Kylie in 2nd grade, what happened to my babies, they grow up so fast.
Hope all is well with everyone else. will post again soon i promise


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