Tuesday, March 27, 2007

As we were digging we found a worm!!! Kylie, my little princess girl, LOVED it. I had to talk her into putting it back to be with its family. She didn't even want to show Ella, but she was a good big sister and showed her and even let her hold it. Kylie told me that she couldn't put it back because she loved it. Who loves a worm????? Then as soon as I turned around, I heard her say eeeew!!! I asked her what was ewww and she said I kissed it!!!!!!!!! How GROSS!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I like worms, but to kiss it gross!! Then we talked about how dirty they were and the kissing was done. Well, like I said before, the best of both worlds in Kylie..... a girly girl, but likes to get down and dirty!!!

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