Thursday, December 13, 2007

First new thing that has happened over the past few weeks is..... we found out that we are having a baby boy. Of course neither Karl nor I will believe it until he is here, we just cant imagine having a boy, we are supposed to create only girls. Anyways, we are very excited.

Next, Kylie lost her first tooth. It has been really loose and hanging by a string until monday afternoon. I pulled it out, which I really didnt have to pull much. The tooth fairy came and left a note and a dollar, she was very excited. the only thing is that we didn't leave the tooth by her pillow, it was on the kitchen counter. Kylie was afraid the Ella might get scared if the tooth fairy came into the room. Which translates into Kylie was scared to have the tooth fairy in the room.

Oh the other thing is that Kylie sat on Santas lap. she loves santa from a distance and he was at their school bazzar and all of a sudden she was not scared anymore she sat on his lap told him what she wanted for christmas and talked to him the only thing is she didn't really look at him. that is ok, it is a start, a big step forward. Ella on the other hand had no problem talking or looking at him, she has no fear of anyone.

We did get a chance to play in the lovely snow we had and the girls had a blast. the past few days have been yucky and rainy so the snow is almost gone. The girls are hoping for more soon and I thing they may get it.

Other then that all is well here. Hope everyone is doing well. Bye for now

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