Thursday, December 27, 2007

well Christmas has come and gone. As you see from the pictures, Santa was VERY generous this year. the main gift for both girls were power wheels 4x4, aka lazy kid toys. I call them that because you use absolutly no energy to play with them. I figure with how active my kids are we need them. Anyways, the girls love them. Kylie loved it so much she sat on it the entire time she opened presents, it was funny. Ella was happy to get presents, but would have been happy with just one. she opened the first one and wanted to play with it the rest of the time, I had to force her to open the rest.

It was a great day, i just can't believe it is over already.

The other fabulous news we have is that Ella is potty trained!!!!!!!! I know it is not exciting for most of you, but for Karl and I it is AWESOME. we got this one out of diapers before number 3 comes.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and we will be talking to you soon.

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