Friday, May 30, 2008

So what have we been up to lately??? well, it has been nice out so we have been outside playing, planting, gardening, and doing other odd jobs in the yard. Kylie is now in KG, she graduated from preschool on Tuesday. We can't believe it, it seems as if she was born just yesterday. Man they aren't kidding when they say the time flies!! Ella is still a little devil, but she is good. She loves her brother so much. I feel sorry for my mom since Ella is just like me, she gets in to EVERYTHING, and sometimes I don't know how I make it through the day, but she is a great kid. Gavin is doing great. Last night he slept from 8pm to 1:15am and then until after 5am and is sleeping again as I type. He is also growing like a weed, he is SO BIG, especially compared to the girls at 5 weeks old. He is a happy baby and he smiles all the time and is starting to coo now.

Some news on Karl, he is no longer an assistant coach at Concordia, long story most of you know it but if not that is a whole nother email. He will, however, be the head coach of either Luther North HS boys Varsity or Ridgewood HS girls varsity. He was already offered the job at Luther North but is waiting to hear from Ridgewood since it is a higher paying job, and in this case money talks.

Me, I am great, loving life with my family, what more can I say!!!

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