Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Isn't he SO cute
Gavin and Daddy
He LOVES his bath
So tired, must stay awake
Well everyone here has been doing very good. Gavin is awake more and more, the girls LOVE thier brother, they tell us that everyday! Uncle Terry has been in since Sunday and is leaving today and Karls parents are coming in on the 16th. Karl is now back to work but I haven't really been alone with all of the kids yet which is good because I have an extra set of hands around but soon enough I will be really out numbered for mose of the day. Hope everyone is doing well I will write more later. Love you all


Anonymous said...

He may resemble Lonnie in some of those pictures:) I love the last one, it looks like he's waving.

Lauren said...

He's so beautiful. I just want to squish and pinch his chubby cheeks. I hope you're doing well and enjoying your lovely family.

hdezines said...

I'm sure he is quite older now but I must say I happened upon your babies pic (Must stay awake) in the lil blue outfit. One of the most beaufiful and sweet babies I have seen. You are blessed with beautiful children. Good job mom and dad. Just saw him and had to let you know how cute he was, im sure you know. Have a great weekend! Heather