Monday, April 28, 2008

Well we have been home for a few days now and everything is going well. Gavin is doing pretty good at night, getting better every night. He isn't a crabby baby, he just likes to get his hands free and suck on them which frustrates him. The girls LOVE their little brother, our hardest thing is limiting thier holding time, if they had it their way they would hold Gavin ALL DAY LONG. I would rather have this then jealous girls so I have no complaints. Every morning Kylie comes to our room asking to hold or lay next to Gavin while Ella comes in saying "Where's that baby, I want to hold that baby" we are really working on calling him Gavin, Ella seems to forget occasionally. Other then that nothing new here. Karl is off of work this week with the exception of tomorrow so that makes my life a lot easier. Hope everyone is doing well. there will be more pictures all the time so keep checking

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