Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here are the girls at the Rocket Park Fest. There were a lot of different blow up bounce houses and slides as well as horses to ride, the girls had a great time even though it was like 95 degrees out.

What else has been going on here????? Well Karl is now back at work and Kylie has been in school for about 3 weeks. Everyone is doing well. Ella is both missing Kylie and enjoying being the oldest and bossiest I might add. Gavin got his first 2 teeth on sunday. Many of you may think this is early, but with our kids it is actually the latest. Kylie was 3 1/2 months Ella was 4 months and Gavin was 4 1/2 months with their first teeth. It is actually nice, the drooling has died down a little, we will see how long that lasts. Nothing new here with me, same old same old. I am going to get my hair cut off tomorrow, so that is a change and treat for me. I am excited, Karl is not. I just can't take Gavin ripping out my hair anymore. that is his new thing. That is all here Hope all is well with everyone else. Talk to you soon
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