Tuesday, October 21, 2008

enjoying his first biter biscuit

Daddy and Gavin watching football

Well, update......Gavin is getting his 3rd and 4th teeth, the two top middle ones broke through 2 days ago. He gets up on all 4s and rocks back and forth or flings himself forward and he crawl backward and drags himself on his belly forward. He is growing like a weed still. Kylie is loving every minute of school, she even asks to go on the weekends. She was really sick on friday which almost resulted in a trip to the ER but luckily she was ok and we didn't have to go there. Ella is great, she is starting to get interested in writing and can't wait to turn 3. Karl starts bball on the 3rd of Nov. so we are making the best of our time together since there will be little spent together once bball starts. We are very excited for this ball season, the first one as a head coach. That is about it, I have some more picture to post so enjoy!!!
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