Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so this weekend consisted of Karl and I laying laminate flooring from IKEA. They had a great sale on it so we went out Saturday morning to pick it up, little did we know that everyone and their mother were also going to pounce on the flooring deal. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. I almost got trampled, and people were yelling bad things at each other, yes that is right for flooring. Ikea opened at 10 and people got there at 9, it was crazy. Karl and I got there at 10 to 10 and were back in our car at 10:30. all we could do was laugh at these people. anyways, we got it, I installed it, and here are some pictures. It goes through our hallway, and all I have to do is put on the quarter rounds. It is a HUGE improvement on our house. Everything else here is great, the girls are good and so is Gavin. He is scooching around on his belly and almost crawling on his hands and knees, it is fun. Karl is good and starts basketball in less then a month then the crazy schedule begins. Hope everyone is doing well. love you all
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