Wednesday, February 6, 2008

broken foot

Well, it's been 5 years and 6 days of no major injuries, but that was broken yesterday morning when Ella jumped off of the ladder to the bunk beds, which thankfully was only about 3 feet off the ground.
Yesterday morning started off as a great day, both girls slept completely through the night, Ella for Once did not come out of her room when we put her to bed, she just stuck her arm under the door a little, but went to sleep great, and no one woke up to go to the bathroom. For once Ella woke up before Kylie and came down to our room in a fabulous mood, no tired wining or anything. Then the 8 o'clock hour came around....
the good moods were over, and kylie started to get a nasty attitude. she was sent to her room for a time out and I was in the kitchen doing the whole breakfast thing. Ella followed kYlie into the room and went to the top bunk. Usually there is a board in front of the ladder, but I forgot to put it up. Next thing Ella says "Help me mama" which she always says. I say hold on I am coming, and then she jumps. Those of you who know Ella well, know she jumps off and on everything. she cried a little, but no big deal until it was time to take Kylie to school and she stepped on it and screamed.
Well after a 4 hour stay in the emergency room and a tramatic xray session, we found out that she broke the bone on the top of her foot right above her big toe. Right now she is in a temperary cast, and I have to make an appointment with an orthapedic dr. to get a permenant cast put on tomorrow or friday.
Ella is not in pain until she forgets about it and gets off the couch and bumps the top of her foot, then she becomes very frustrated and crabby. I actually can't wait until they put on a full cast because at least then the top of her foot will be protected. It is going to be a long 4-6 weeks for everyone int he frixen household.
Hope all is well with everyone else, I will update you all soon.

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