Friday, February 1, 2008

Well, Kylie is 5 can you believe it??? I sure can't. we had a little celebration for her birthday on Wed. she only got to open 1 present because she has gotten all the others before. Mom got her an American Girl Doll, we took her to build a bear and she got to pick whatever she wanted, My sister is taking her to High School Musical on Ice this Saturday. SHe also got a HSM purse and some gift cards from Aunt Tina and Gma Gpa and Uncle Jake. Oh, she got a cup with her name on it with some Kylie stickers from Aunt Jill. On her actual bday day she got a ceramic tea set which she loves, and so does Ella. they have tea and cookies on a daily basis. I am actually very impressed with the strength of the set, it has been banged around ALOT and nothing has gotten broken yet.

Well, the bitter cold is gone, now we have about a foot of snow. I don't mind that, except when I have to push the stroller through it. We had fun playing in the snow, Kylie, Maize, Duke, and myself. I would take noah out, but the boy HATES to get winter clothes on. I told Erin her best bet is to move to florida so the poor boy isn't tortured every year! Ha Ha. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well and will talk to you soon. Enjoy the pics.

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