Friday, February 8, 2008

Red Cast

Here she is everyone, poor little Ella...NOT!! she is doing just as good as she was before the broken foot. It took her all of 1/2 hour to figure out that she can walk on the cast and now there is no stopping her. The really bad thing is that I know that she will not learn from this. she will be jumping off the bunk bed again and I would not be surprised if she has many broken bones in her life. Put it this way, she was climbing over the couch yesterday, dancing and spinning on the casted leg, and I stopped her many times from going up the stairs. Nothing stops her. Anyways... we go back to the dr in 2 weeks and she will probably be out of the cast by then. The good Lord must be looking out for us because I was dreading 4-6 weeks in it which was the original outcome. Hope all is doing well.

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