Thursday, February 21, 2008

cast free girl

yesterday we went to the doctor for Ella to possibly get her cast off. They took xrays, which was nerve racking since she screamed bloody murder at the ER. I was not able to go into the room with her since I am with child and all so one of the nurse girls had to be with her. she was a little hesitant at first, but she did GREAT. The doctor looked at the xrays and said they looked good and then asked if I wanted her to keep it on. Of course I said NO!!! unless of course he thought it should stay on. Well needless to say he said she was good to go and out came the saw. I was surprised as to how loud it was. Ella was a champ, she put one hand over her ear for a second and then just watched as he cut it off. She was SO excited to get it off and finally wear two shoes and walk outside. She is supposed to keep an ace bandage on it for a few days, but that is not going too well. She is running, and jumping all over the place much to my dismay, but I guess she is fine.

Well I am glad this is all over, although I fear/believe it is the first of many injuries for out little dare devil Ella.

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