Sunday, February 3, 2008

She is singing, not eating the microphone although I think she thinks it tastes good since
she keeps licking it, how gross!!!!

Here is the wardrobe change!!

Today we made some microphones for the girls to sing into. They love to sing to High School Musical and Hannah Montana the most, but they usually use the tv switchers as mics so I decided it was time to make them. Well they were a hit. It is hours of fun for free.

Nana also bought them some new capri sets and dresses so you will notice the wardrobe change halfway through the pictures. The last picture is very funny, Kylie loves when anyone will scratch or rub her. She always suckers my mom into doing it. Well obviously our dogs love it to because if you look closely mom is rubbing Duke and Kylie while Kylie is rubbing Maize and moms back, it was very funny to watch

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